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2024年1月14日(日) 11:00〜|権威ある南インド・バンガロール国際センターで植物音楽ユニット・大地の種コンサートを開いていただけることに感謝します。

This is my honor to perform our, Seeds of Earth’s music concert at Bangalore International Center.
Can’t wait to see you all!

Seeds of Earth @daichinotane

Piano&vocal: Chiyo Kaiga @chiyo_styling

Djembe&vocal: Kackey@dabigtree @kackeybigtree
Sponsored by @freeing.official

We are also be able to show @music_oftheplants

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January 14 | Sunday | 11:00am

Music of the Plants: Seeds of Earth

A Japanese World Music Duo

Chiyo Kaiga and Kackey form the Japanese Duo “Music of the Plants: Seeds of Earth.” They not only explore the synergy between European and African musical traditions but also engage in spontaneous improvisation, using innovative tools like the “Bamboo” device. Their musical dialogue with nature resonates in their performances, creating a unique musical experience.

Chiyo Kaiga engages the audience with her piano and vocal talents, while Kackey adds the rhythmic beats of the djembe and his vocals. Together, they compose and perform songs inspired by a deep connection to nature, creating a harmony that blends the earthy tones of drums with the notes of the piano.

In collaboration with: IJCCI

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